Mar 12, 2010

Mada Nai

Her stare is cold and her movements still.
Her hands do not twitch with a murderers will.
And yet when you look into her dark eyes
you see many won battles with death as her prize.

Jun 23, 2009

The Lament of Prince Charming

There once was a man named Prince Charming
who found saving princesses alarming.
They were at the tops of tall towers
filled by dragons and powers
all in all it was all quite disarming.

When he'd find a girl worth the trouble
the danger always turned out to be double.
He would look up at the sky,
scream to the gods why,
charge in then leave the place in rubble.

However these girls were always damaged
often in ways the prince couldn't manage.
They'd make such a scene
about becoming the queen
the prince just found it all too savage.

It seemed whenever a princess is hot
she's cursed and her brain's left to rot.
For each one he found
drug her tongue on the ground.
It wasn't worth it to just tie the knot!

With each he saved the prince learned faster
that these women just wanted a master.
So he gave up on the chase,
found a prince to his taste,
and caught his happily ever after.

Feb 15, 2009

Modern Beauty

There she stood with long blond hair
Her bright white smile
Her vacant stare
Silicone and spray tan everywhere

She didn't even say hello
Too many syllables for her to know
Her clothes vibrant pink and pastel hues
Her shirt hardly covering this store bought boobs

Right now her good looks are a crime
But everyone falls victim to passing time

Her hair will gray
Her smiled will dim
But her stare will always stay the same
It really is a crying shame


My mind has gone blank.
My brain is fried.
I try to escape.
To run and hide.
But something accures me.
It happens every time.
Even when I'm brain-dead
I have to rhyme.

Angel in the Lost & Found

Is it true?
Is my love just a game for you?
Answer my question I want to know
Is it yes or is it no?
Please don't you walk away
With all my soul I want you to stay

Who do you want to astound?
My angel in the lost and found
Pick me up and then you throw me down
Catch me before I hit the ground

Could you confuse me anymore?
Let me in you heart and toss me out your door
Why are you runnin away from me?
Is it something that I don't see?

Who do you want to astound?
My angel in the lost and found
Pick me up and then you throw me down
Catch me before I hit the ground
Do you love me or not?
Is this some sort of evil plot
What are you trying to do?
Why wont you just make you move?
Is this something you do for fun?
String me up and hurt me when you're done?

I'm always gonna be around
My angel in the lost and found
Pick me up and then you throw me down
Catch me before I hit the ground

Well if it's true
If my love is just a game for you
There's just one thing I want you to do
Pick up my pieces when you're through

Chances are

Sliping through the back gate
Of these changes in time
I look around and realize
These changes are mine
Not exactly sure what to do
I run from my mind
Because when I look around
All I see
Reminds me of you

I look into your eyes
And all that I see
Is myself in your arms
Never letting go of me
I wish that I could tell you
About all the things that I feel
But every time I try to speak
Something doesn't feel real

Well I know you're not mine
And chances are
This feeling of mine
Wont go away

Be Gone

Your smile reminds me of a summer day
When we talk I laugh until I cry
But when I am gone I won't miss you that much
And just sit right there and I'll tell you why

All I have to do is close my eyes
And I see your face
Your voice is imprinted in the back of my mind
We are so much alike I know exactly what you're gonna say
And even when I'm not with you, I know that you're mine

I may not remember when we first met
And I may be lost in myself sometimes
I know I'll be lonely without you around me
But I know for certain of one thing
And that's I'm yours for all time

I hope I mean to you as much as you mean to me
And when I'm away our care wont fade
Even if we weren't really meant to be
I'm willing to fight fate in our memory